Importance of Cooperation Between Civil Society and Education


On 25th February 2017, NITPAA (National IT Professionals Association of Afghanistan) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Karwan University in Kabul Afghanistan. This MoU is a cooperative agreement between both the parties and both sides emphasized on how and where to support each other.

NITPAA has been active since Mar 2015 with aims to strengthen the IT/ICT sector of Afghanistan, provide IT education and awareness, support and advice government IT policies, provide professional development opportunities to its members, and monitor implications of technology on Afghan society.  The vision of NITPAA is “To use Information Technology for economic development and for the establishment of a responsible, integrated and prosperous society in Afghanistan” with the mission “To provide the opportunity of affordable, reliable and sustainable access to ICT services and applications by all citizens and businesses of Afghanistan.”

Karwan was established and officially recognized as a private University by the name of “Karwan University (KU)” in 2007 aiming to create an environment which supports, prepares, and encourages male and female Afghans to pursue their higher educational and professional goals. Before KU’s official establishment in 2007 the Karwan Education Group had been teaching Computer Science / IT and Soft Skill English courses throughout Kabul since the late 1990s.

On one hand, NITPAA has a very strong, experienced, highly educated and dedicated members who are providing their volunteer services to the society and the community of Computer science, IT, Telecom, Businessmen and others, while on the other hand, KU being one of the best private educational institute in the country, has a huge number of students with quality of services and facilities.

This cooperative agreement between the two parties will pave the ways towards a much better future of the IT community for the students of Karwan University will be benefited by the experience and knowledge of the NITPAA members periodically and through this agreement, NITPAA will be able to use the conference rooms, computer labs, library and related facilities of Karwan University for their monthly seminars, workshops, panel discussions, meetings and other events. These events will have many of those participants who are not the students at Karwan University and the dominant participants will be Karwan University students. The participants will have the chance to chance to explore the facilities of the KU.

such cooperative agreements will have a very good impact on the community in general and will have huge impacts on students especially. The association will have permanent platform for free and will conduct their sessions in an educational campus where the benefited audience will be the students who are in need of such advance and out of course contents. The students will come closer to the IT professionals who are working in the field and on different positions and organizations. The transfer of knowledge along with the experience will be a perfect mixture for the students who are in need of guidance and have thirst to know more and better.

Link to the news of MoU signing agreement

NITPAA Signed a MoU with Karwan University on Academic Cooperation’s

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